We are the brand of your kitchen,
although you do not know it yet

We make your kitchen in El Bierzo (León)

With the best woods from Galicia, oak, chestnut, cherry, ash … 

We are serious, formal and very creative. We dominate the kitchen of romantic design, classic and English design.
On our website and in our store you can see kitchens, different forms of door designs and types of wood. As well as you can ask for your budget without any commitment. 

Kitchen models

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We will make an appointment and we will take the measurements of the space. We need to know your tastes and needs too. Know a little about yourself and your way of life.

We will propose different solutions. Do you like the islands? The peninsulas? Open furniture, with silversmiths, vajilleros, no problem! we manufacture everything to measure. We can make your dream come true.

We are manufacturers. You can buy your kitchen at the best price directly without intermediaries. We have multiple payment possibilities for you, within which you can finance your purchase without any interest (0%).

Our assembly team will take care that your kitchen is perfectly installed. As well as once ready, we will deliver it perfectly clean, so you can enjoy it from the first day.


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Avd Ricardo Soriano 59 bajo.
29601 Marbella (Malaga)


952 155 350 / 681216340